Monday, August 13, 2012

How Do You Do...BAMBOO!

Good morning Zutter friends, 
Pinky here with a fun book today, a Bamboo Spine Cover-Alls mini album!
When I found these I just fell head over heels for the amazing look. 
Let me share a quick tutorial on how I put this "Happy Day" album together. 

Step 1. Begin with 7X5.5 Bamboo Spine Cover-Alls book.
Using Clearsnap Smooch Spritz- spritz book all over, focusing steady spritz on spine. 

Step 2. Create your cover page & back cover page. To fit cover (Make 1/2" smaller).
One shown in photo. Trim paper to 7 1/4"X51/4". Trim second paper to 6"X4 3/4" adhere.
Stitch on sewing machine, add lace, stitch on machine. Repeat for back cover page. 
Step 3. Adhere cover pages to book cover- using strong adhesive. 
Step 4. Embellish cover as desired. 

For inside pages:
Step 5. Trim out several pages to desired size. 
Step 6. Using Zutter Bind-It-All punch out holes for O-Wires.
Step 7. Using insert page- punch out holes for O-Wire remember 
to use C-setting as shown in photo. 
Step 8. Using Zutter Wire Cutters- trim O-Wires.
Step 9. Flip insert page to front of pages, insert cut 1" O-Wire.
Step 10. Set Bind-It-All to 1" setting to accommodate 1" O-Wire
Press handle firmly. 
Step 11. Flip insert back over to back of pages. 
Step 12. Insert into Cover-All. 
When you are completed your book will look like this!
Ready for all those special memories and photographs, to be preserved for a lifetime. 
 I really hope you enjoys the post today, please come back and say hello.
I would love to hear from you all!


Nicole Martel said...

Adorable!! Great tutorial too.

Michelle said...

I absolutely loved the lace on your mini album cute!

Jennifer Priest said...

Gorgeous!!!! Love the amazing detail photos of how the Cover-All works :)