Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vocabulary and Some Chalk

              Hello Friends! Heather here with a super quick project you can make in under 20 minutes that will get your kids excited about learning for the new school year. I have a kinder and a 5th grader this year, and have already been inundated with papers of sight words and vocabulary words that they need to learn this year. Instead of just having my littles write out their words on flashcards and hope they don't lose 40 cards, I thought it would be fun to give them each their own book to help keep everything together, and make it a bit more exciting to learn their new words.
            So today I have two projects to share, a 4x4 album I made for my son who is getting ready for kinder that contains his sight words, and a flashcard album for my daughter going into 5th grade so that she can write the word on one side and definition on the other. 

I wanted something very simple for their books, but wanted to add a little extra something to make it fun for them, so I attached some chalkboard paper to the front of each book and tied a small piece of chalk to the O-Wires

I love that these books are so compact that I can throw them into my purse when we are headed out on a day trip, and they can practice while we are in the car. Hope this inspires you to make a fun project for your  little's for the upcoming school year.


Supply List:

1" Silver O-Wire
4x4 Pages
Chalkboard Adhesive Sheets
Flash Cards

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