Monday, September 9, 2013

Bind-it-All 101 Fall Session Begins September 17!

Do you have a Bind-it-All in your closet collecting dust?  Now that the kids are back in school, are you ready to get your creative schooling in gear too?  This class can help!  Learn all the basics of your Bind-it-All and get fall (and holiday) crafting going early!

Once you master this class you will wonder why you waited so long! This course will cover the very basics of using the Bind-it-All for punching and binding custom mini books. This information-rich, project-packed, four week course will cover:
  1. Overview of the Bind-it-All : Includes review of settings, tools, maintenance, and accessories.
  2. Punching Basics: Includes creating your own Bind-it-All Punching & Binding Guide and tips for punching centered and even holes.
  3. Binding with Confidence: Covers the use of the Owire Sizing Templates and how to bind perfect “o-shaped” owire spines.
  4. Mini Delights: Create two custom bound mini albums – one 3X4 mini and one 4X4 mini, utilizing easy techniques you can repeat again with any theme.
  5. Everyday Albums : Take your custom binding up a size or two with a 6X6 and 8X8 album. Explore different punching styles for a truly unique project!
  6. Bonus! Binding Above & Beyond: Explore how to use your Bind-it-All using every day, around-the-house materials. In this lesson we will review other punching materials and expand from the basic to the uber creative! Take these project starters and take off with creative ideas and executions of your own!
Once you master this course, you will feel confident in taking on any custom binding project. If you are new or “rusty” with the Bind-it-All, this class is a “must".
BIA 101 Projects
 Four weeks, $25.  Enroll here or get more information. 
Course begins September 17, 2013.

Note: All online courses can be taken from anywhere you have Internet access.  Zutter has partnered exclusively with My Creative Classroom.  Classes are taken on your own time (there are no set times to log in), at your own pace.  You can view the lessons anytime once class begins, and you will have indefinite access to the materials for future viewing.  Learn more about these classes here.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bind-it-All Scores a Big Hit!

Here at Zutter we like to advocate that the Bind-it-All is not just for crafting (though we LOVE our crafty projects!)  There are times that our faithful Bind-it-All can create projects that are not traditionally crafty.   

Take for example this project that I recently completed for our karate studio where we train – the Orange County School of Martial Arts, known to us as OC Kicks!  They recently staged a large competitive tournament, and in true martial arts fashion, we all came together to put the details together.   

One item we needed were scoring paddles.  These are the score signs that the judges will flash once a competitor has demonstrated their karate form.  Scores generally are between 5.0 and 10.0.  Manufactured signs can be quite expensive (we needed at least 30!), and others made with regular copy paper and bound with office document binders just didn’t suit the look we wanted.  We wanted something that would last years into the future when we have annual tournaments.

Cue the trumpets – Bind-it-All and Zutter to the rescue! 

I experimented with a variety of styles, but finally settled on using 10X10 Zutter Clipboard Wood (available at Liquidation prices), 4X6 pieces of cardstock, and Zutter ¾” owire in silver.  With the help of a woodworking friend (he’s a red belt ninja), we created these uber professional looking scoring paddles.

Large 3.5” size numbers were printed on the cardstock, which were rounded with the Round-it-All to create a smooth finish.  The wood-working ninja fashioned a handle and attached it to one edge of the Clipboard Wood.   We painted the entire piece midnight blue.  I punched the holes for the cardstock, and set up an owire assembly line and bound all the numbers to the boards.  

The scoring paddles were the hit and looked great in action.  Zutter Zister Nan and daughter Franny took home some bling and karate-chopped our way to helping with a great event.  So think outside the crafty box and use your Bind-it-All and Zutter materials for other events – you’ll be amazed at what you can create!

Franny tried to swing a score higher than a perfect 10!