Sunday, September 28, 2008

Congratulations to the new Design Team!

Incredibly obvious understatements:

  • The Grand Canyon is a big hole in the ground.
  • The Taj Mahal is a nice building.
  • The Mona Lisa is a pretty painting.
  • Peach cobbler served warm with ice cream has a lot of calories and makes me feel better when I am busy and stressed out. (Yum!)
  • Picking the first ever Zutter Zisters/Bind-it-All Design Team was a near impossible – though exhilarating - task!

But we did it!

Congratulations to the awesome international team of designers who make up our first ever Design Team. Over the next several weeks you will meet each of them and enjoy their incredible work. The best moment during this process (besides getting to see all your submissions) was reviewing the finalists with the boss and when we were trying to narrow it down, he said, "they are so good - let's choose them all!" That is why we have a team of 10 instead of 6 we originally were targeting. Isn’t that cool?

So check out these samples from the selected submissions and say CONGRATULATIONS to:

Annette West – Saudi Arabia

Claire Labigne – France

Emeline Seet – Singapore

Jennifer Priest – California, USA

Jenny Svensson – Sweden

Julie Ann Kelley – Massachusetts, USA

Lea Millora Sanders – Virginia, USA

Sally Lynn McDonald – Connecticut, USA

Tish Treadaway – North Carolina, USA

Vicki Flinchum – Texas, USA


These talented ladies not only represent Bind-it-All fans from around the world, but also have a range of talents. We have traditional scrappers, mini-book lovers, stampers, distressers, published pros and first-time design teamers – not to mention some real out-of-the-box artists! We are sooooo excited to be making this announcement – and hope you will be staying tuned to see what they all have in store for us!

If you submitted for our design team, and your name isn’t on the list….thank you for your submissions. Truly, we could’ve selected so many – if not all – of you for the amazing work and heart you put into your projects. We hope you will keep coming back and keep bindin’ with us! Thank you so much!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Quick 'n Easy with Teresa Collins' Papers

Ok, sorry for the long delay. Did you know we are getting ready to seat our first design team? Oh, and all our book contest entries have been coming in too. And, the shipments of new BIA V2.0 are rolling in, as well as the new Cover-Alls, so......we have an excuse or two. We are a little busy around here.

But that doesn't mean we don't want to give goodies away! Here are the yummies from Teresa Collins that I promised. If you haven't come across Teresa's line of papers (and where have you been if you haven't!?!?!?), her papers work fabulously with the Dreamkuts and Bind-it-All. And since I am on a Halloween kick lately you can enjoy this little video of me making a fast mini book with her Halloween paper, the Dreamkuts, and some Zutter acrylic covers. She also has Travelogue, Bon Appetit and other papers that go together quick for gifts and beautiful projects.
Look at the awesome stack of goods I am going to send to TWO lucky blog readers. The first winner needs to tell us about the wackinest, spookiest, craziest Halloween costume they've ever worn. Links to actual pictures get extra credit. AND, we will send ANOTHER set of goods to a randomly drawn comment poster. So let's get going. We will draw/pick these winners October 15.

Can't wait to read what ya'all come up with. I am still keeping cool with all those drink recipes you left back in August! Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 15, 2008

DT Submissions & Rainy Midwest

I just returned from a family visit to the rainy Midwest to a loaded in box of submissions for the first ever Bind-it-All Design Team. Thank you everyone for all your talent, time and creativity. We have already started to dig in to all the applications and are already blown away by what you have sent. Thank you. Thank you!

While in Chicago, I made a quick stop at an Archivers location - I had never been to one, and was tickled to see the Zutter products in stock. They don't have the V2.0 yet, but what they did have they took good care of! I won't talk about what I bought while I was there because I know hubby looks at this blog periodically ; )

I found some yummy Teresa Collins goodies for giveaways later this month, so stay tuned.

Hope everyone affected by Hurricane Ike is safe and with family.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More BOO!

'Member a couple weeks back I was talking about looking forward to Halloween? Well, I am ready for this year's pictures. I love love luuuurve the Teresa Collin's bracket chipboard covers. TC has such a terrific product line that is MADE to work with the Zutter products. These ones come in black, so once I found the paper I liked, I really didn't need to do much else with it. So not only is it super cute, it is a fast project! Good for people like me who want to finish something in one night before going to bed! This particular paper is the new Reminisce paper, and it's all shiny and irrides...irri..... iridescent. There, I had to look up how to spell it! Whew. I added some odd-shade of green tulle I found in the dollar bin at a chain craft store. Gotta love it.

If you have seen the Teresa Collin's line, look out for her new Halloween and Holiday papers - those are made to work with the Dreamkuts and the Bind-it-All.....oh wait. I feel a giveaway coming on. Let me go through the stash and see what we have. Check back in a few days :)

Lucky Number 35!

Big number 35 was drawn this morning, and I love the idea of sending a prize to someone named FROGGY! Dawn is her name, and she even posted a link to a recent project.
Congrats, Dawn. Send me your address ( so I can ship your goodies your way.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

THINK PINK! BIA V2.0 Now Shipping!!!

If you are feeling blue because summer is over - then get in the PINK!!! The new Bind-it-All V2.0 is now in stock and ready to ship at the Zutter website. The boss wanted me to let you all know! The pink Dreamkuts, pink Bag-a-Bind, pink Zutter Wire Cutters, pink (R10) and blue (R5) Round-it-Alls and the new Pound-it-All, Rivet Setter, Hole punch and Mat are also all available!

It's like a pink explosion in the warehouse!