Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012.......Say you want a Resolution?

Well, the new year is upon us
.......and many people get to thinking about what resolutions 
they want to make for the coming year!!! Not so much for me this year.
2011 was probably one of the hardest years EVER
....I'm looking forward to 2012!!!
I've been inspired by a member of Swirlydoos to do something different this year..........
to create a Monthly Goal Art Journal!!
It just sent my mind in motion.
I haven't made an album in WAY TOOOO LONG......
so I was more than happy to pull out my 8 x 8 Zutter Canvas Artboard (currently clearance priced!) to use for my cover!!!  
I painted a little, spritzed a lot, inked some more and glued everything down!
The inside pages are varied in size and mediums, cardstock, chipboard,
watercolor paper and Zutter Chipboard (also clearance priced!) OHHHHHH what fun I will have!!!
So........are you making resolutions or pulling out your Zutter goodies to create
your very own goal journal??? Would love to hear your thoughts!!
This will be on the first page of my journal...

If it didn’t Bring you Joy
Just Leave it Behind.
Let’s Ring in the New Year

With Good Things in Mind.
Let Every Bad Memory Go
That Brought Heartache and Pain.
And Let’s Turn a New Leaf

With the Smell of New Rain.
Let’s Forget Past Mistakes
Making Amends for This Year.
Sending You These Greetings

To Bring you Hope and Cheer
Happy New Year!

Zutter Zister DT Member Lynne Forsythe


Anita Bownds said...

wow that looks absolutely beautiful..

Michelle Grabowski said...

Love it! Loved the art journal video today too! Very inspiring! <3

Debra Dickinson said...

This is beautiful! Wish I could do work like this. I keep trying but nothing is up to par yet. It just doesn't come out quite right. I'll get there tho. BTW, @Michelle - what art journal video? I'm new here and am obviously missing something. Help me out - point me in the right direction please. Thanks!

Scrapinkats said...

Great mini!

Jen said...