Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zutter D's & Hang-it-Alls!

Thought it was time to showcase some of the lesser known hardware from Zutter - the Hang-it-Alls and the Zutter D's.  By the way, the Zutter D's are shaped like the letter D....it's not obvious right away when you look at them, but that's how they got their name!
Hang-it-All Panel with Mini Album displayed with a Zutter D 
These cute little hardware pieces can really add something new to your craft projects - particularly home decor!  The video below shows quickie how-tos for making hanging projects.  The Zutter D's by themselves can be used to hang an album from just about any kind of small hanger.  It's a nice way to take a mini book or album and show it off! And, with the D's, you can switch albums around and enjoy looking at them!
Hang-it-All Set with a Zutter D
Three-panel decor with Hang-it-Alls
Hang-it-Alls in action

The Zutter D's come 6 to a package (retail $2.99/pkg), and the Hang-it-Alls, come in two sets with the rivets needed to apply them (retail $3.49/pkg).  Both are available in either Antique Brass or Antique Silver.  So if you are ready for a little something, add a few sets of Hang-it-Alls and Zutter D's to your stash and have some creative fun! 

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Unknown said...

You are so creative : ) Those little hardware pieces look fantastic.