Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cover-Alls & Page Protectors - Zuttering Made Quick & Easy!

Bamboo Spine Cover-All for Page Protectors in white

If you love creating custom bound albums with your Bind-it-All, but wish you had the security of your pages being covered, then you will LOVE the Zutter Cover-Alls that are specially sized for Zutter's Pre-Punched Page Protectors!

Cover-Alls are a unique cover system that allows you the flexibility to create a custom album, but yet the owire binding is concealed!  Cover-Alls come in sizes to accommodate the extra width of the Zutter Pre-Punched Page Protectors - thus, not only can you create custom pages, you can also create pages that are protected!  (Regular Cover-Alls are also available in a regular width - that correspond with the cover size.)

Page protectors give crafters the peace of mind of knowing that their memory art is protected from not only regular handling and wear and tear, but also a certain degree of damage expected from "the elements". The Zutter Page Protectors take that to a higher level by allowing the pages to be seamlessly integrated into projects by having the pages pre-punched and compatible with Zutter album starter supplies - like the Cover-Alls.  Additionally, all Zutter Pre-Punched Page Protectors come in regular and MOVABLE versions.  The movable protectors have durable plastic tabs so that the pages can be removed and re-inserted anywhere in your project should you decide to rearrange page order! What can be easier than that?
Movable Page Protectors 4X6
The above 4X6 album was custom decorated for the upcoming scouting year.  Patterned paper was inserted into the protectors, ready for photos from this year's activities.  Should my fickle little girl scout want to rearrange pages, she can readily take them in and out as she desires!
Flat Spine 8X8 Cover-All in white
 This album is a baby shower gift...made quick for the new mom-to-be!  Each 8X8 page was designed with a 4 1/2" X 6 1/2" mat and a label for each of the first 12 months of baby's life.  Mom can add a candid photo as the first year of baby's life flies by!  Each page was placed in a Pre-Punched Page Protector, bound and inserted into the custom decorated Cover-All cover!  Voila!  Baby Scarlet has a first year's album ready to go!  (Mom loved it, by the way - it was a shower gift hit!)
Pre-Punched Page Protectors 8X8
Pre-Punched Page Protectors 8X8
The Pre-Punched Page Protectors come six per package for both regular and movable versions, in sizes 4X6, 8X8 and 12X12.  The Cover-Alls for Page Protectors come in white and black, in Bamboo, Curved and Flat Spine for 4X6, and Bamboo Spine for 8X8 and 12X12.

Watch the video for a quick tutorial, and add these album starts to your repertoire!