Monday, May 24, 2010

Greeting Card Holder - BIA Style

Hi there! Though e-cards are so easy to send these days, I say nothing beats receiving a card in the mail, and better still, one that is handmade! It's truly sending a love letter! So for me, I have cards made for various occasions, ready for me to send my love to my family and friends for a myriad of reasons or simply just because. In this post, it's not going to be about creating a card, but rather, creating a Card Holder to house all those lovelies so that I can reach for them in a jiffy and know exactly for what occasion each one celebrates/remembers.
For this project, all I used were Covers (4 x4") and ClipBoard Wood (8x10"), owires 1/2" and my trusty BIA. Because of the size of the cards I usually create, what I did was to trim my ClipBoard Wood to 4x10" to ensure that this holder will fit most cards. To do so, I used my paper trimmer and went over the board a few times. Trust me, this process will be much easier when the Zutter Kutter is used, which of course I'm waiting to land my hands on.

After attaching patterned paper to the covers using Mod Podge, I ran my boards through the BIA, including both lengths of my ClipBoard Wood. For the 4x4" covers, you only need to punch holes on three sides of the covers.

Once all that is done, owires were used to bind the covers together. While you might like to weave ribbons through the holes instead, I like the idea of using wires here as it allows my card collection to expand and the holder is able to stretch a little, given the extra space found in the rings of the owires. Nonetheless, both options make for an excellent card holder!

Now on to embellishing the almost completed project. Remember that the Clipboard Wood covers were punched on both lengths. This was done to allow me to tie ribbons through them at the top. I like how those cream ribbons lend a romantic feel to this project. Each ribbon was threaded through two holes. I also added alpha stickers and blooms to the front of this project.

Finally, in order to organize my cards, I used Clear Acrylic Folder Tabs as dividers and labeled each using my Dymo tape labeler. This way, I know exactly which part of the holder to look into, without having to over handle any of my creations.
I hope you have fun too creating a personalized card holder, one that will help you make the process of sending love in the mail all the more sweeter!

Zutter Zister DT Member Sophie Sim


crazyaboutcricut said...

That is such a great idea! And sooo cute! I need to use my BIA for more than just books (although the phone books I made for my daughter to hand out to her Brownie troop were poplular!). Thanks for the reminder with such a beautiful project :)

Unknown said...

this is a stunning project! great idea!

Sassette said...

I absolutely LOVE this project for so many reasons! I love the idea of having handmade cards in a place that is as beautiful as this.

I love to see all the different ways that you can use the BIA. Thank you for this fun project. I am definitely going to give this a try!

pamala said...

Faboo idea! Love it!

Candace said...

Oh my goodness! This is one of the coolest/neatest ideas I've seen in a long long time! I love it!!