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Make It Custom with the Bind-it-All: Part 3

This is the last part of my series about making custom books with your Bind-It-All. A few days ago I shared with you a little about why I love the Bind-It-All -- it's the ability to make custom books from just about anything!!! In my classes I am always trying to push the envelope of what the Bind-It-All can do. Today I am sharing a few more of the custom books I've made and a little about how I made them. ANYONE with ANY skill level can make these books!!

This is the fifth book I want to show you, an easy mini you can make for about $2. Thanks to the Bind-It-All. Here is Pretty:

This is a 4x4 mini that is so easy and affordable to create yet packs a creative punch. I taught this as part of a Projects Class using Crate Paper's Emma's Shoppe line. Here are the supplies you need:
  • Two 4x4 Chipboard or Clipboard Wood Covers
  • Two Sheets of Patterned Paper cut to 4x4
  • Two Sheets of another Patterned Paper cut to 4x4
  • One 12x12 Sheet cut to NINE 4x4 pages
  • 6 Loops 1/2" Zutter O-Wire
  • Embellishments for the Cover
 Adhere the Patterned paper to each side of the Covers, one pattern on the front a different pattern on the back. Punch 6 holes across the top of each Cover using the Bind-It-All on the C Setting. Punch holes in all of the pages, again with the Bind-It-All on the C Setting. Set the pages and Covers in order. Flip the back cover to the front so you are seeing the inside of the back cover, Thread the O-Wires through the pages from the back of the book to the front. Close with the Bind-It-All and flip the back cover to the back of the book. Decorate the cover. Here's another version of the same kind of mini book:

For about $48 (24 sheets cardstock @ 60 cents a sheet + 6 Sheets Patterned Paper @ 80 cents each + 1 box 1/2" O-Wires @ $4.49 + 24 packs of 4x4 Chipboard Covers @ 99 cents) you can create 24 mini books to use as gifts. That is just amazing!! Graduations, Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation Week...all kinds of occasions for which you need a thoughtful yet affordable gift are great times to make a book this.

And here is one more example, this time with 3x4 Chipboard and 3x4 inner pages:

Here's one last idea while I am talking about custom books:
Birthday Party Hat Book

This is a birthday hat shaped book I made using gift cards, an actual greeting card from the birthday and chipboard pages to create a mini book about my son's first birthday. I taught this book as a class after everyone loved my inspiration piece, a birthday hat book using real hats in the Bind It All Around the World Idea Book (which is an awesome resource -- if you have not bought one and you have a Bind-It-All, you NEED this book!).

On this mini I glued photos on the fronts and back of chipboard pages using very little paper. I used stickers to cover some of the chipboard pages as well. After all of the pages were covered with paper, including the backs of gift cards, I was ready to bind the book.

This book features binding in the center of the party hats with all of the inner pages being smaller than the party hat shaped covers. To punch holes all the way along each page, I used the "eyeball" method. Using the holes printed on the top of the Bind-It-All as a guide, place the page into the Bind-It-All so the edge of the page is between two of the holes. Punch. Slide the page over and insert the peg from the back of the Black Stop Guide Tab into the nearest hole and continue punching until the holes extend the entire height of the page. 

Stack all of the pages in order, placing the back cover onto the front of the book and thread the O-Wires from the back of the book towards the front. Close the wires using the Bind-It-All and flip the back cover to back of the book. Decorate!

I hope these last few posts I have shared have given you some binding ideas and tips that will help you use our Bind-It-All to create your own custom creations unlike anything in any store. Be a binding artist!!

Happy Binding!!!

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