Saturday, October 16, 2010

Come Carousal With Me!

Don't we all love colors? This project has been brewing in my mind for the longest time and I'm so thrilled that it's finally completed and I'm here to share the process with you!
Using the Zutter Spinner Album Kit, the pages were inked with different colors so that I can include pics of items that correspond with the colors in this album. My plan was to have this album serve as a form of inspiration from pictures taken over time. Some of the pages were also misted. As for the wooden base of the album, I covered it with gold ink to give it some shine. Now for the fun bit in creating the carousal top.
I like the fact that the album kit base is made of wood, which gives the entire project a firm structure. In order to have the carousal top, I used a wood drill to make a hole in the ball of the stand. This way, I could slot the "stem" of the carousal through it. Think of the carousal top as an umbrella.=)

Next up, roll a strip of paper to from a firm stick, which can be slotted into the drilled hole, as well as you carousal top. Right at the point where the stick meets the top, attach either sticky tape or in my case, a strip of paper coated with glue, and wind it tightly round the stick. This serves as a barrier to prevent the top from slipping. See the picture below for the details.
For the top, I traced the album base and extended the diamenter by another 2cm. Once you have cut out your circle, cut a slit right to the middle of the circle and attach both ends together. Remember the additional 2cm added? I cut slits into this band and folded each tab in to form the following:

To add a decorative touch to this edge, adhere a strip of decorative paper around it and embellish further with gemstones. This gives the top that whimsical element found on all carousals! Top it off with a flag and it's ready to go!

Now, instead of horses going round my carousal, I opted for what I had on hand - a butterfly punch, which I used on various pieces of cardstock. The butterflies added dimension to the project. To attach each butterfly to the corresponding tab, simply cut a strip of cardstock and attach one end to the butterfly and the other to the same colored tab. Each butterfly also had a gemstone added to it's wings for additional sparkle.

Additonal details in this project included having chipboard letters demarcate the start of each color tab and using the Bind-it-All to punch a hole in each tab, ribbons were affixed.

There you have it, your very own carousal! This project now sits prettily on my desk, a convenient location for me to place all my inspirational pictures and a reminder of the wonderful year I had as a Zutter Zister.

Thank you for being an ever faithful reader and I'm glad for this opportunity I had to work with all the wonderful products Zutter continues to create! I hope you will continue to have a much fun as I had with my BIA!

Zutter Zister DT Member Sophie Sim


Rosana Garcia Hess said...

Awesome!!!! I´ll feature on my blog...Hope you don´t mind.
Hugs from Brazil

voodoo vixen said...

What a stunning splash of colour this is!

Jennifer Priest said...

Oh wow that is the most super cute carousel ever!! LOVE it!!