Monday, February 22, 2010

Parade your Creations with Pride - with the Display-It-All!

I love Show-and-Tell sessions in school, don't you? So while creating this mini book of animals, imagining all the fun I'll be having when I start teaching my soon-to-be-born baby the ABCs, I realised what a handy dandy tool the Display-It-All will be.

For instance, to get my child all interested in reading, I'll have this displayed prominently, on a shelf, table, by the bed, so that he/she can easily see and reach for it. As an additional touch, I'll definitely be placing tools/objects related to the theme of the book by the stand, so that he/she (yup, we do not know the gender yet, it's going to be a surprise at birth, hence the he/shes =)) can make associations between subject matter and objects.

Next, because it's a book attached to the Display-It-All, I can pace the speed of his/her learning, choosing to flip a page after the letter has been taught, or the spelling of the word has been learnt etc. Better still, with blank spaces on the book, my child can also add his/her own drawings thoughts to that particular animal!


Now, one of my favorite usages - I get to hang my items off the owires on the book as well! So my child's interest will constantly be piqued, and no one page will ever be the same. So besides K for koala, he/she will also know that K is for Kangaroo, without the santa hat=)

So if you fall into one of the following categories:
  • you're a mummy like me
  • an educator
  • someone with the desire to start conversations around the home/workplace
  • a crafter proud of your creation
  • have loads of mini albums around the place
  • have a menu to display
  • wants to announce a special news
  • just enjoys storytelling

 .....then you know what, you'll need a Display-It-All, where your life can be paraded! Have fun!
Zutter Zister DT Member Sophie Sim (and proud mum-to-be!!)


Frances said...

I think I need a Display-it-All...such a cute project!

krussellstudio said...

Ohh, I could definitely use this to display my creations or I could use it at school for various projects there. I love how you used it to create an alphabet book.

Lynne Forsythe said...

Sophie....what a SMASHING idea!!! I soo need to pull mine out!! Now you've got me thinking!!

sarah said...

i love the DIA. it's awesome!! :)


sanjeet said...

I love how you used it to create an alphabet book.

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Fleursbydesign said...

This is so great for kids! Love it!