Thursday, October 29, 2009


I can't remember the last time Halloween fell on a Saturday.  All I know is that this year there seems to be so much more excitement for Trick or Treating and general costume fun!  Not only will we not be tired from going to school during the day, but we can sleep in on Sunday (and gain an hour with the time change for daylight savings).  It's a recipe for late night shenanigans.  My girls are dressing up as a '20's flapper and a Pumpkin Princess.  Me?  I think I am going to go to answer the door as a hockey player - black eye and missing teeth (maybe wield a hockey stick too - who knows).

The Zutter Zisters Design Team will have their November project galleries up in a few days, but here, along with projects from the OZZ Design Team, are some spookacular projects to get you screaming for your Bind-it-All!  Check all the galleries in a few days to see materials lists and other design team inspiration.

Have a howlin' great weekend!


Andrea said...

just stunning examples of your teams fab work x

Hels Sheridan said...

Amazing ART! x

Kort og Søm said...

Wow...great work!!
Fredrikke :o)

Grammie said...

Okay first I am not very good at the blogging thing. Second, I am looking at purchasing a zutter bind-it-all but I have been told that the new pink version has had a lot of issues and problems and that I should look to find one of the original zutter's because it is a better machine - don't know if this is true or just a way for some retailers to get rid of their old machines in order to stock the new ones - thanks for any help you can give me

Scrappy Running Me said...

Grammie, why don't you email me directly at and I can help you a bit better.... :)