Sunday, March 1, 2009

Owire Poets

Yesterday I taught and scrapped, many miles away.
And alas, last night I fell asleep,
Before naming the winners of the day.

So without further ado, and great fanfare and delight,
You wonderful poets deserve prizes ALRIGHT!!!

Who needs idea books when literary journals might do,
Congrats to all winners, you tickled our funny bones anew!

From the poet laureats of Bind-it-All:
Blogger CandyScraps said...

I love my Bind-It-All
to make projects big or small.
I've only one thing I need
(not, Mr. Lorax, a thneed).
I have Owires large as can be,
Small Owires are for me!
I'd love to win this wonderful prize
And have it arrive by mail, before my very eyes.

(editors note: noted for channeling Dr. Seuss)
Blogger Bellanca43 said...

The holes in this paper
don't detract

but react

as the paper turns her face
to greet cover, meet wire.

Paper becomes page
orbiting not imaginary axis
but spine.

(editors note: for channeling spiritual-zen like qualities of binding!) LOL!
Blogger Jan said...

O-wires, O-wires where are you now?
I'm longing for you and must have you some how.

Are you willing to leave your home far away?
And stay by my side in darkness and day?

I can't live without you and I'm lost when you're gone.
It's sadness I feel from dusk until dawn.

Please say you'll come and leave me never.
O-wires, O-wires, I'll love you forever!

(Sniff-sniff, I need a tissue, it's because of you, I'm having this issue!)

(editors note: for the pure longing conveyed!)
Ladies, please email me your mailing address at :)


Jennifer Priest said...

Congrats to the winners!
You're all expert binders,
Now that you're knee high,
In O-wires of every size!

Jan Hennings said...

OH MY GOSH! Thanks to you! Can't believe I'm one of the winners!

ScrapAddict said...

Congrats to you all,
you did sooooo well.
and to get goodies to boot,
Now that's really swell!

Diva Scrapper said...

Congrats to the winners!

Lea Sanders said...

Cute poems, ladies! I know I can't do that. hee hee Congrats to all!