Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CHA Videos from Scrapbook Dimensions

Here's another fun, quickie video from CHA last month from Scrapbook Dimensions. Their video team was visiting a variety of exhibitors at the show and checking out the new products. It was exciting to do this, and have editor-in-chief Cindy Wyckoff behind the camera. I can't help but get a little giddy when I get to interact with people whom I've read or whose work I have followed. What is it about getting scrapbook-star struck?!?!? Anyway, check out all their CHA videos here. They were sure covering a lot of territory and thanks to these videos I get to see a bunch of stuff I missed! Leave Cindy some comments and tell her hiya from the Zutter Zisters!

I don't remember this girl being so tall, but I look like a midget next to her!!


ScrapAddict said...

Way cool!!!

Victoria said...

That is so cool Nan. I think you are fast becoming a scrap celeb. It's funny, I was so busy demoing the rivets I didn't even realize you were making this video right behind me.

Donalda said...

awesome video!!!!!! Can't wait to be able to get some of these items. Might take a while to get to me but would sure keep my eye out on them.

MaryNSC said...

Will they be in Charlotte NC in August..At the CKS?
I am trying to find a copy of the chart that shows the Paper cuts the The Dreamkuts will cut.MIne didnt come with one..:O(