Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Experimenting With Clipboard Wood and Metal

Zutter has some very exciting new products out that are just completely fun!! They have Clipboard Wood Covers (yes, the stuff that those office type clipboards are made of) in a variety of sizes. They have Rivets, a Rivet Setter Kit, a Hole Punch Kit and the Pound-It-All.

The Pound-It-All is a wonderful tool if you are like me and have a flimsy type craft table to work on, or those fold-up types that you usually find at crops. The Pound-It-All allows you to pound away with your hole punch and rivet setter on your table surface instead of having to crawl around on the floor for a surface hard enough to pound on! Yeah!

Here's what I was experimenting with...using the Clipboard Wood, some 38 gauge metal, Teresa Collins paper, 7 Gypsies Tag, Ranger Paint Dabber, an embossing folder and the Hole Punch, Rivet Setter, Pound-It-All and Rivets .....all from Zutter.

Wow! What fun!!


papertrails leaver said...

Very cool!

Jennifer Priest said...

Wow--pretty cool!! The Pound It All is also good for stamping on when you're at a crop with those flimsy plastic tables...

voodoo vixen said...

Oooh, love the embossed swirls - they look fun!!

The real asset of the Pound It All is when you are in a grump with someone you can happily hammer away pretending its someone's head!! ;)