Friday, April 16, 2010

Distrezz-it-All 101 With Donna Salazar Starts Next Week!

And there is still time to enroll!
What's all the hub bub about the new tool that is the talk of the season - designed by Donna
Salazar and the engineers at Zutter, the new
Distrezz-it-All ! Come see in Distrezz-it-All 101 - designed to give you the lowdown and everything you need to know.

Learn the basic usage and capabilities of this amazing tool.  This 4-week course guides you through using the Distrezz-it-All from the very basic of projects to uber creative, technique-filled albums that only Donna Salazar can design!  Use your own papers, or order
the optional paper kits from Donna Salazar Designs!  

Class starts April 21. Click here to enroll.
All online courses are instructor led, but self paced.  You access the lessons when you wish, on your own time.  All online classes are suitable for either the original blue Bind-it-All or the pink V2.0.  You have access to forums, student galleries and teacher feedback.  For more information about this and all Bind-it-All and Zutter classes, click here.

See you in class!