Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coverall + Fabric= Adorable Mini Album!

Ahhhh.....Spring is FINALLY here! It has been a long Winter here in the Midwest! When I saw this fabric I knew it would make a great cover for a little mini album. It made me think of Spring and everything green. I love to incorporate fabric into my projects whenever I can and Zutter Cover-Alls are great for just such a project. They are easy to cover and look great too!!

To cover a Cover-All you will need to cut a piece of fabric the length and width of the Cover-All you are using and add about 1/2 inch extra on each side. Lay your Cover-All opened onto the backside of your cut fabric. Using a good adhesive adhere the edges to the inside of your coverall. (I use clothespins to hold my fabric to my Cover-All until it is dry) Make allowances when covering the area where the album part slips into the inside cover pocket. Now cut a piece of chipboard just a little smaller than the front and back inside covers. Cover these with fabric and then adhere to the inside covers. Now your album is ready to embellish however you would like! I also used Zutter Chipboard Covers and just painted them and added patterned paper. I also used a piece of clear plastic and hand stitched a heart on it. Baby Pink Owires were just perfect for this little album about an adorable little girl! Happy creating with Zutter!!

Zutter products used: 
  • Bind-it-all
  • 7.5x5 Cover-All (curved spine)
  • 7.5x5 Chipboard Covers
  • 3/4 inch baby pink owires
  • Rivets
  • Pound-it-all

Zutter Zister DT Member Shelley Haganman


Elaine said...

Great book especially the fabric - as you said, just right for spring.

Dwita said...

So inspirative, and thinking to make one for each of my Dds...

Unknown said...

Oh My Shelley.....this is BEAUTIFUL!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!

sarah said...

great idea, i've gotta do that on my next album! :)