Friday, February 6, 2009

Zuttering everything i see ....

We recently celebrated the Spring Festival (aka Lunar New Year) over here in Singapore, the most important traditional holiday celebrated by the Chinese. Besides diving into the new year cuisine and acknowledge annual practices, most family here usually carry out their annual Spring Cleaning.

This year, I had extra help. The Bind-it-All helped in its own little way!
I am pretty much addicted to binding; why not since the Zutter is SO practical.
So, here's what I did recently with the so useful gadget :

I bound :

1) Recipe Cards
2) Flimsy Paper Games

3) Kido's Flash Cards/Game Cards

4) Catalogues (I admit I am a horder of these advertisements especially book catalogues!)

It pretty much kept things in its place, nicely stacked. Neater.
It definitely helps the creative process when working in an uncluttered area!
Give it a try!

Please check out the Gallery for more inspiration !
Happy Zuttering !!


ScrapAddict said...


KeeponScrappin said...

Very nice.I love all the colors.

Donalda said...

Oh my these are just gorgeous dear. You sure have been busy. THank you so much for the inspiration dear

Diva Scrapper said...

Way cool. I could soooo use a little one loves his flash cards and I keep them all in a empty wipee box...then when he's done I sort them all again. It's a mess when he wants to take them out, in the car or a restaurant...I sooo love your idea.