Monday, February 9, 2009

Using Bind-it-All to make scrapbooking layouts

Generaly, we use the Bind-it-All to make an album. Today, I will show you how it can be used to embellish a 12x12 layout.

Here are two projects illustrating this idea:

In the first one I used the Bind-it-All to add a removable part to my layout : the banner headline. Behind it, my other pictures are hidden.
It also gives a touch of originality to the set! There is a rather modern side which harmonizes well with the style of this page.

In the second all is a question of embellishment! The binding gives, with the pencil slid inside, a beautiful relief, and a dynamic aspect. I just binded my dots paper before sticking it on my layout.

Please check out the Gallery for more inspiration! Happy Zuttering!!

And thanks to my best friend who helped me for the English touch !