Monday, November 10, 2008

A Tour Of The Zutter Zisters Site

Did you know, we Zutter Zisters have our own site HERE? Curious? Like to know more? Well, let me tell you about what you can find there!

Looking for inspration? We got it for you! Check out the Design Team Gallery to see what the Zutter Zisters are creating. Also visit Inspiration Station for projects from around the world from fellow Zutter fans. Got a project you'd like us to see, submit it to Inspiration Station!

Looking for the latest and greatest products. Open the Zutter Products section. Here you can see your favorite products and click on the pictures to find out more about them.

Or check out our Videos. We have two up currently featuring Cover-Alls and Teresa Collins Papers.

Or are you stumped about an aspect of your Bind It All or DreamKuts or other Zutter tools? Look no further than the In A Bind? All The Answers section. Here you'll find tips and instructions on your Bind It All; Cover-Alls; punching CDs, Acrylic and Metal; DreamKuts; Round It All and Inner Pages.

1 comment:

Anne Marie said...

Yes, I'm familiar with your website, and I have it bookmarked! Every time I go to make a new mini book, I browse the gallery and of course need to pull up the binding measurements pdf. Thanks so much!