Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big Blue Savings

Zutter Innovative is having a BLUE Sale. The original BLUE Dreamkuts and the original BLUE Bag-a-Bind are both on clearance status, and priced at 33% off original prices. Get 'em while they last. If you purchase here, you get some bonuses with $50+ purchase.

The blue Dreamkuts is identical to the new pink version - the only difference is the color. So if you are more of a blue person than a pink, this is the time to buy!

Drop some not-so-subtle hints for holiday gifts ; )


Jan Garber said...

I LOVE my new Zutter, and was particularly excited to read a Zutter ad in one of my lastest scrapbook mags that Michael's are now carrying Zutter and supplies for it! However, upon visiting two of my local stores in Phx, I'm told that they have not seen or heard of anything. What can you tell me? It would make my life much easier!

Anonymous said...

Is there much difference between the blue and the pink?? I have this on my Christmas wish list, and want all the info before I pass it along :)