Friday, November 7, 2008

Hello from the Arabian Gulf

Well, scrapping here is pretty much like scrapping anywhere - except I am lucky enough to have this as my view when I wake up every day!! I do know that as my supplies dwindle I will have to learn to be more creative with what is available to me and adapt certain things for using in my mini books - but that's part of the fun and you usually end up with some pretty unique looking projects!!Here is a tip for anyone who is new to using their Bind-It-All, one of the first things I did was cut a small square of chipboard and punched it, then added it to the keychain of spacers that comes with your new toy.
Its really handy to have it when I am making either covers or pages - because I can place it on them and know immediately where the holes will be on my finished page... so I avoid putting embellies or chipboard pieces in the wrong place. Oh, and you know the spacers? They really do make a difference when you come to bind the project, you can try guessing the space required for your particular wire if you want... but these really do make a difference if you use them every time! :)
hugs from the Arabian Gulf


misteejay said...

What a good idea Annette. I often use your suggestion about a bit of scrap the same size as the pages to be puched but this is another great tip.

Thank you
Toni :o)

ScrapAddict said...

Great tips Annette! I hadn't thought of the template for helping to place embellies. Great idea!!! BYW....great view!

Anonymous said...

I have a BIA on my Christmas List and have been eyeing these coveralls. This is a great suggestion to avoid a bunch of mistakes my first go-round. Great website!

Anonymous said...

Great tips Annete. What a fab idea to add the hardboard

Gina said...

Thats a fab tip Annette thanks.

Bee10 said...

Great idea and thanks . I always look for your tips as always very helpful