Friday, February 5, 2010

Sweet Candy Box from "odds and ends"

Would you like to recycle some things you might have around the house into a darling little candy gift box? If so, grab a gift box you may have left over from the holidays or a birthday or some other packaging cardboard, a wee bit of clear packaging, and some pages from an old book. With the help of some smaller diameter Owires (I used 1/2" but smaller would work even better) your Bind-It-All, the Zutter Rivet Setter and some of the fabulous Zutter Rivets, we are going to create a sweet candy gift box.

First, decide what size box you would like to create. If you are using a gift box that isn't very thick, you will want to make a smaller candy box. If you are using thicker materials, then you can make a larger box. I decided to make my box out of 4" squares, it was the perfect size for me. Begin by cutting 5 squares the same size. These will become the sides and bottom of your candy box. Next cut a square that is 1 1/8" larger for the top. (If you are using thicker materials, adjust that size up a bit.) For me, since I was using 4" squares, I cut the square that would become the top 5 1/8". After you have everything cut, either spray with a color mist, paint, or adhere patterned paper to the outside. Then take one of the sides and cut out a small decorative hole. (I freehanded a heart shape.) If you have an interesting die, feel free to use it to cut out the hole. Cut a small piece of clear packaging and cover the opening on the area that will be the inside of the box. Next take the four sides of your box, and using your Bind-It-All, punch holes on three sides of each square. (Make sure you leave the top unpunched on the side that you cut a shape out of.) Set those punched pieces aside. Next punch holes on all four sides of your bottom square. Make sure you match your holes up to the sides, take a peek while you are working on it. If you need to do a practice punch on squares of plain computer paper, do so before punching your "real" squares. Frequently when I am creating something new, I like to make paper templates for myself. Then if I goof somewhere, it is no big deal! :) Next, bind your sides together, one at a time. (I am sorry I don't have pics of each side as it was attached.) Next, attach the bottom to the sides. I had to use my fingers to close three of the sides I attached to the bottom, since I couldn't fit it in the BIA. This is easy peasy to do with the smaller diameter Owires. Just close them one by one and be gentle. Now the bottom of your box should be assembled and look like this -

Time to work on the lid of your box. If you have a Score-It board, use this to make crisp fold lines. If you don't, carefully crease your lid 1/2" from each side. Make a snip on ONE of the crease lines on each side. You are going to fold the flap around the outside and use the fabulous Rivet Setter to set a rivet that will hold each corner together. Here is a picture from the inside of the lid. Notice each corner has a rivet holding the flaps together -

A view from the outside (lid is already decorated)-

Now you are ready to decorate your box however you wish. I attached some odds and ends I had in my stash, as well as made some flowers out of pages I had cut from an old book. I used some of my Nestabilities dies to do so, then crumpled and misted the pieces before assembling -

Then I put some candy hearts in a plastic bag, tied it with lace, and put it in the box -

I popped the top on, and now it is all ready to give to someone in need of a wee bit of candy or cheer. It's a great idea for your sweetie on Valentine's Day or any other special occasion!

Have fun creating your own candy gift box!!!

Zutter Zister DT Member Pam Sandy


Shelley Haganman said...

What a beautiful project!

Jennifer Priest said...

Seriously cute!! Love this project Pam and all the info ;)