Saturday, June 6, 2009

Let's Jazz Up Those O'wires!

Good Morning from sunny Saudi Arabia! Well, its morning here... may actually midnight for you guys... but you know what I mean! ;) Its going to be HOT today... its already over 40 degrees and its only mid morning so I will just stay indoors in the aircon and play in the scrap room!!

Thought I would pop by and have a chat about o'wires... I mean, what scrapper can have something so convenient for attaching things to and be able to leave them alone? Obviously ribbons are the first thing to head for, they look so lush all bunched up on the o'wires, but there are other things we can use for a different sort of look.

Beads, I love beads, the only thing you have to remember when scouting about for them is to go for the largest holed beads you can find, because we still want to be able to turn the pages of our book.
Jump rings are brilliant too, you can use them to attach chains and dangle stuff off the chain.

For this version, I only had bright yellow wooden beads which weren't really going to go with the book, so I painted them black and then heat emboosed a pattern on them in bronze and they look fab with heavily inked covers.

Jump rings and rik rak for tieing tags and things to the o'wire.

You can also thread your beads onto wire and attach them to the o'wires that way. This means you can get away with using beads with smaller hole in the centre. You can see a stunning version fo this on Lea's blog with her Twilight book (which is divine and I understand why her daughter made off with it like a bandit)!!

Chain is my favourite, I love to thread beads and odd bits onto the chain and cut it into varying lengths and then hang the entire thing from the top o'wire.
So, hope this has spurred you on to trying something other than ribbon to decorate your o'wires!!


Eveline said...

I love the use of all the different ornaments on the O'wires. TFS.

ScrapAddict said...

Awesome ideas!!!

cannycrafter said...

Fab idea Annette. You gave me the idea to add beads to an o-wire on a layout, I did struggle to find some that were wide enough! never thought about chain!! Thanks

Unknown said...

Wow what great ideas!!! TFS :)

pysselninjangittan said...

i put som lace that matches the hole on my album

Jennifer Priest said...

Cool ideas!!