Friday, May 15, 2009

Bind-it-All & Scor-it: Made for Each Other!

We here on the BIA DT are a biased bunch, no doubt about it! We will go on and on about how great this little tool is and give you countless reasons why you can’t live without it – not only for scrapbooking but for general paper crafting (and crafting in general).

Yet ANOTHER reason to love the tool is that you can make mini books from a variety of materials. A lot of scrappers ask me about chipboard, acrylic, wood, fabric…..but you can make a really cute project with just cardstock or sturdy patterned paper. I also discovered that using the Scor-it along with the BIA opens up new possibilities for creativity. For something fast and fun (and to use paper you probably have on hand), try this:
The inspiration for this project is from the Bind-it-All Around the World Idea Book, and an adorable project made by Yvonne Tinney in Virginia. It’s a simple-to-do envelope book that, once constructed, can be embellished and decorated any way (and to any degree) you wish. This would be a great “keeper” for recipes, memorabilia or as a folder to take on a vacation to collect mementos and ticket stubs, etc. I can also see using something like this to sort photos in my never-ending need to organize when I scrap! Virginia's version is a school memories booklet, to hold treaures and photos to document a school year!

Here are the supplies and tools used, and general directions:

1. 6 pieces of cardstock, trimmed 9X9” (really cute paper from Jillibean Soup is used in the sample below and in the video)
2. Round corners with the Zutter Round-it-All
(I trimmed them all at once - gotta love the RIA!)
3. Ink or distress, as desired
4. Score about 3 ½” on three corners of each sheet, using the Scor-it Board
5. Secure flaps to form pockets; use a good strong adhesive (or stitch like Yvonne did in her project!)
6. Punch holes along pocket edge using the Zutter Bind-it-All (again, I punched multiple pages at once to save time and because the BIA V2.0 has a wider punching channel to make this easier!)
7. Place pages in desired order
8. Bind with preferred color of Owire, I used Antique Brass to go with this paper
9. Embellish and complete

Now, this video doesn't have any voice over - just a bit of cuckoo music. When I was taping, both my daughters decided it was a good afternoon to gab over everything I was doing. To avoid your hearing me tell them to "go outside" about a million times, I chose to just add the music this time. Most of the steps are pretty self-explanatory, so sorry about that!

I love how the Scor-it makes the folding task so much easier and cleaner. I didn't realize that using the Scor-it helps keep the paper from cracking and is a professional grade scoring tool. I don't know what I did without it before! Gonna go play with it and experiment with some fold-out flaps for my next mini book! Goodness knows I have plenty of paper in the stash to make use of!
What have you made with your BIA and Scor-it?
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Have a great day!


Mrs. Dickens said...

Thanks for posting the video. I have the BIA book that this project is shown in and I had already planned on doing it for my class next year.

Neusinha said...

I did this project. He is in my blog. I put the credits of this blog. Loves to!