Sunday, May 1, 2011

Make it Custom with the Bind-it-All: Part 1

The beauty of the Zutter Bind-It-All System is the ability to make custom books from just about anything. In my classes I am always trying to push the envelope of what the Bind-It-All can do. I'll share below and over the next few weeks some of the custom books I've made and a little about how I made them. ANYONE with ANY skill level can make these books!!

I often have ladies in my classes who have never used the Bind-It-All before and after the class, they're basically binding pros, ready to buy the machine. Why is that? 

I also have lots of people ask me why I choose Bind It All over any other binding system or method. It's not just because I am on their design team. I am scrapbooker first and I've tried everything else - I want to know what is the best and I only want to use what is the best. The Bind-It-All is the BEST. I come back to the BiBind-It-Alltime and time again because it is superior to everything else I have tried.

Here is what makes the Bind-It-All and Zutter so unique:
  • The Bind-It-All allows you to take a pile of paper, chipboard, cereal boxes, gift cards, license plates, CDs, acrylic, bingo cards, envelopes, shipping tags, postcards, brochures, ticket stubs, greeting cards, clipboard wood, and anything else that will fit into the Bind-It-All and create a custom, one of a kind book with it.
  • AWESOME Customer Service. Zutter stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty.
  • No Maintenance -- empty the "chads" from the collection chamber and that's it. No oiling or sharpening needed EVER. Each of the Bind It Alls I own has bound over 1000 books each and they are still going strong.
  • EXCLUSIVE online support. From Zutter's online "how-to" videos to an exclusive NING Community of users and designers to an updated Facebook Page to online classes to this fabulous blog brimming with ideas, Zutter is here to support your creativity and show you everything you can do with your Bind-It-All.
  • Bind-It-Allgives you ALOT of control with your binding projects. Punch as few as 2 holes or punch a continuous row of binding holes on an 84" book if you wish (you can get even bigger than that!) You can add more O-wires if your project is heavy and needs a lot of strength or conserve wire by binding in the center or on the edges.
  • The Bind-It-All is for so much more than mini books--wall hangings, home decor projects, school projects, office first project with the Bind-It-All was actually a desk calendar I wanted bound.
  • You will make back the money you spent to purchase it after just 5-10 projects compared to buying books already assembled or getting the projects bound at an office store or using Binder Rings (pricey).
Seriously, I can go on forever. But I'll stop here and share what I really wanted to share with you -- some ideas on ways to make custom books with your Bind-It-All!!!

The first book I want to show you uses LOTS of scrap paper: Postcards from the Heart.


This is similar to a book I teach in my online class, Bind It All BEYOND THE BOOK, at My Creative Classroom. This is a great project if you buy paper collection packs and have leftovers or have lots of scrap paper from your other projects. Almost all of the pages are straight paper, no chipboard. The papers are folded and scored to make pockets and surprise openings. 

The beauty is you can use up alot of paper from a collection pack and it all coordinates--in this book, I created 70+ pages from the leftovers from a Crate Paper Collection Pack I had already made 8 layouts with. I also worked in little odds and ends I had laying around like glassine bags, coin envelopes, Maya Road Kraft Envelopes, bingo cards, doilies and more as pages. There's even a page made of felt! Can you name a mini book you can buy that has felt pages in it?! I can't. I love how the sky is the limit with your Bind-It-All--you can bind almost anything!

This book, from my "Among the Butterflies" mini book class, features a double binding style with a set of left turning pages and a set of vertical turning pages. These are attached to the back cover of the book in two places as you can see from the back of the book below. 

In the photo below, the vertical pages are all flipped up and the left pages are flipped left so you can see the inside of the back cover. The way I did this is I treated the back cover as the back cover of two separate books. For the left bound pages, I punch 10 holes along the 6" side of the back cover, just like I did on all the of the pages. I flipped the back cover to the front, threaded on my O-Wires, and then closed them in the Bind-It-All. Then I punch 6 holes only, on the C Setting in the Bind-It-All, on the right side of the top edge of the back cover. This is where my second "book" was going to attach, all of the vertical pages. I punched 6 holes in each page, in the same place, upper right, and then laid the back cover on top, threaded on my O-Wires, and then closed them in the Bind-It-All.

Next I flipped all of the vertical pages down onto the back cover and then flipped all of the left-turning pages down onto the back cover. The pages are meant to flipped alternately -- left then up, left then up. It makes for a very fun, interactive book that you've custom made with your own two hands. Here you can also see that I used shipping tags and a Jillibean Soup Kraft File Folder as pages in the book for extra interest.

Here you see some of the layers of pages as the book is open:

I'm teaching this book in class one more time at Cool Scrapbook Stuff in Poway, CA featuring the Bind It All plus Zutter's Distrezz-It-All on May 15, 2011. Contact the store at 858-679-9100 to sign up.

I'll be back to share some more unique binding ideas with you next week :)

Happy Binding!!!

Posted by Jennifer Priest
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designs are wonderful!

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I loved it!!! So cute!


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Love these ideas, I really must get my bind it all out and give this a go.

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Love your fun books! You've inspired me to dig out my Crate Restoration and use up some scraps to create a fun book!!!