Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bind-it-All....a Jewelry Maker?

Greetings! With the holidays fast approaching and gift-giving on our minds, what about creating something amazing using just Zutter Owires? Today, we'll have some fun making bracelets out of the owires which are oh, so versatile =)

First, grab some of these materials which you will need:

  • Your Bind-It-All
  • 1 length of Owire (your choice of diameter, but 1/2" or 3/8" are most dainty!)
  • A pair of pliers
  • 16-20 beads (based on wrist size)
  • 16-20 Jump rings (3 rings per charm/sequin)
  • Sequins, Charms, Ribbons
Okie, armed with your yummy coffee, let's start!

Step 1. Coil the owire round your wrist to get an estimate of the length of wire needed for this gift. Add an extra wire round to your estimate. Cut off the excess wire.

Step 2. Using a pair of pliers, squeeze the prongs of each wire round together. Be careful there not to squeeze too tightly, or else the wires might snap in two...

Step 3. On the other end of the wire, we're going to create a hook. As in Step 2, squeeze the prongs together. Coil the small piece of wire that is protruding on the main round. We do this to make it safe for the recepient of the gift to wear.

Step 4. Now for the fun part. Using your pliers, straighten each round of wire slightly to attach the bead through the wire. This is especially needed if the bead you use is bigger in size.
Step 5. Once the bead is in place, bend the wire in position. A little coil will suffice, as we'll use the Bind-It-All to coil the wires once all the beads are attached.

Step 6. With all your beads in place, put the bracelet through the Bind-It-All to bind the owire. Make sure you do not over tighten the hook at the end of the bracelet.

Step 7. Embellish as much or as little as you wish. You could tie ribbons, affix charms or sequins onto your bracelet using jump rings. I used 3 jump rings per charm/sequin, so that they will dangle as I wear the bracelet.

Step 8: Ta-dah! A personalized gift you made with your handy-dandy Bind-It-All! Enjoy!

Bet you didn't know your Bind-it-All was a jewelry maker too?!?!?!

Have fun!
Sophie Sim


Kort og Søm said...

Great ide!!
Fredrikke :o)

Unknown said...

What a great idea - I must try it :0)

Anonymous said...

how creative , sophie!!!!! :) thanks for sharing!


Cari Byers said...

Wow!!!So cool never would have thunk it!! Thanks!!!