Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh... Let Me Count the Ways...

Besides using the Zutter owire to bind albums and other scrapbooking creations, are there other ways to put these owires to work? I mean, they are sturdy wires! I'm sure they can do more....

Incidentally, I was bored with tying ribbons for my little packs. (I use these sometimes to keep my pretty odds and ends, and yes, I still use kiddie bags.) The idea of using Zutter's Owires as fasteners took shape and I'm glad I had a few pink owires around!

I bet you clever readers have already guessed - take the owires, twirl it round the packet.
Take the ends and twist to fasten. Voila! Imagine the cute wrapping options, or even wrapping an album as a gift with an owire twisted onto the package! What can you come up with?

Don't forget - July 31 is the deadline for the Summertime Challenge. Post your entry on the this blog post.

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