Sunday, December 14, 2008

Coveralls Giveaway Winners and 2009 Calendars

Sorry, all! I'm a day late announcing the giveaway winners but to make up for my tardiness, I'm going to announce two winners instead of just one--one domestic and one international! My trusty little boy, Jacob picked:

1. Rene said...I love to make presents for people. I have done a lot of crafting over the years and rarely keep anything for myself. It warms my heart when someone opens my gift and you can tell they know it came from the heart.
2. Sheene said...I love to scrap bonding moments with DH and kids.. its not everyday they get to snuggle up because it doesnt really get that cold here in the Philippines except on the holidays.. :)

Congrats, ladies! Please email Nan Partuzo at with your name and complete mailing addresses. Happy Holidays to all!

The last project I will share with you all in the BIA blog in December is a cute little 4" x 4" desk calendar. Now is a great time to make calendars for the next year. This one takes full advantage of the Bind-it-All from top to bottom with 3 o-wires and three acrylic covers to form the "base" and cover of the calendar.

If you would like JPEGs of the calendar months with U.S. Federal holidays highlighted, click here to get them from my blog: calendar. If you would like an editable Excel version to make your own JPEGs, send an email to me at, put "Calendar Months" in the title.

Have a great holiday and catch you all again next year!

Postscript 12/15/08 -- Looks like some of our blog visitors are curious as to what the base of the calendar looks like. I've added a couple more pictures from an earlier version of my calendar so that you can see what the top and the bottom looks like. I think you'll get a better idea of how to form the base of the calendar from the photos below. I recommend viewing the following link for a good tutorial on the basics of how to form the calendar: BIA Stand


Sheene said...

im still in shock! thanks so much!

ScrapAddict said...

Congrats winners!! That calendar ROCKs Nan!!

Ann Marie said...

The calendar is cute, but I'm confused on how you make it--why does it need 3 owires, and how do you do the base? Are the directions e-mailed to us, too, with the calendar jpegs?

Lee said...

Vongrats to the winners!!! Well done girls... Oh and the calendar is gorgeous :-)

Lea Sanders said...

I haven't had a chance to write the directions down but there is a great tutorial on this site:

Her project is 3"x3" but you can make your calendar any size you want. My layered flower is 4"x4". View the tutorial, it is pretty thorough.

Debbie H said...

Cute project, TFS!

Deb J

Anonymous said...

love this calendar so cute