Thursday, July 31, 2008

A PINK Bind-it-All!?! Meet BIA V2.0!

Alot of the comments left this week were about how excited everyone is to have a PINK Bind-it-All. We are too! Here's a bit of trivia about the BIA colors. When the product was getting ready to launch last year, Zutter's owner (and product designer) was going to introduce the product in black or silver. He asked a few scrappers what they thought, and even though some didn't particularly like pink, it was recommended he go with that popular, scrappy color. He resisted, and the more gender neutral teal Bind-it-All was introduced and has become the beloved "original" BIA. But now....we have the PINK BIA and it is more than just a color change.
*BTW, the black and metallic silver models in the photo are prototypes of other colors. Maybe we can convince him that we need more cool colors!

Here's the skinny on the NEW Bind-it-All V2.0:

Wider punching channel
The BIA V2.0 can now accommodate materials up to 35% thicker than with the original BIA. Now, chipboard covers can be lined with cardstock on both sides and still punch with ease. Other materials can also be accommodated, such as thin fabric, covered acrylic and more multiple sheets of cardstock.
NEW! Extension Paper Guide Bar
Known as “the Bar” – this unique measuring device is housed within the Bind-it-All and can be adjusted by moving the locking levers into the open position. When the Bar is engaged and locked, it can set measurement positions for ease in repeating punches over and over again. With the Bar, measurements can be set and repeated up to 12 ½ ” wide.

NEW! Extension Paper Guide Plate
Known as “the Plate” – this removable plate attaches to the Bar and serves a similar purpose as the Bar for repeat punching ease. The benefit to using the plate is that it sets measurements for projects narrower than 4”. Between the Extension Paper Guide Bar and Plate, users can more readily set measurements and repeat punches time after time without re-measuring while acquiring maximum precision in your punching task. These upgrades were the most requested of Zutter’s product developers.

Detailed Instruction Manual and DVD
V2.0 will be in all new clear plastic packaging, with a detailed, 50-page owner’s manual and punching guide, along with a step by step instructional DVD. More on the video in another post!!

V2.0 is PINK!
The new Bind-it-All V2.0 is now a scrapper-friendly shade of pink – another requested change! Companion products are also available in pink, including the Dreamkuts, Bag-a-Bind, Zutter Wire Cutters and the Book & Journal Making Tool Kit.

Isn't it great to be in the PINK, and in the know now? Let me hear what you think!


Jennifer Priest said...

Love it!! I really love that it cane take thicker items too--opens up a whole bunch of other possibilities for projects!!

Mary Jean said... are a enabler arent ya! I just got the blue and am now thinking I really need a pink one also! LOL

Seaexplore said...

oh man- I knew I shoulda waited!

Katie said...

OMG! I'm super excited! Most all my scrap supplies are pink...or at least what is available in pink is. I'm so glad I waited and I'm very happy you released the pink accessories at the same time. Thanks! Katie

Dear Diary said...

I in TOTAL love with pink! And I'm so excited to buy all the new pink items but I don't know where to find them.
Can you help me please?

Thank you!

Amanda said...

when is the pink bind-it-all 2.0 being released? i love the new features and just when i was ready to buy the 1st one..... i hope i don't have to wait too long!! anyone know when these will be in-store?? droooollll....


Love it!!!! I must have one in pink!!!! I need one in pink!!!
Love that it can cut through thicker materials!!

Kayla said...

I love the changes you are going to make! They solve all the problems I had using my BIA. I want to tell you I was one of the first Polish BIA owners, i made a long review of it on my blog (it's in Polish) and many Polish users told me later i helped them to make the decissions.

Mary said...

I sent this link to my mom and told her what I want for Christmas!! :)

Sheene said...

i love my BIA!! i just got mine a few days ago and loving it! made several projects already.. but im stuck at how to punch smaller projects at 3" width.. :( i couldnt seem to punch the holes right... need help..