Friday, June 15, 2012

One Cup or Two?

It's Amy here today to share yet another coffee centric set of mini books! I love coffee, but if you've seen my previous posts, you know that's no secret. This time (and I think this is the last of my coffee centric ideas) these mini's were created around the coffee cup album concept by Wilna Furstenberg. I'd had her instructions on my computer's desktop for way over a year. It was so cute, but I was just too daunted by the taping, gluing, and detailed binding of the album. Enter the Bind-It-All, and my fears disappeared! I basically followed all of the instructions, but it was made super easy by just binding the book with 3/4 inch brass o wires. Easy peasy, AND, I made it my own special way (without worrying it would fall apart with my sad taping skills!)

Because I had saved two cups in different sizes, from a trip to my favorite local, organic, very hip coffee house (where I actually worked as a barista about 13 years ago, before getting married) with my sweet 12 year old daughter; I created two minis with covers in different styles. I think these would be super to stick into my purse with a pen and accessories, and I could quickly whip them out, and journal about an enjoyable day, and in Smash style, I could add a cocktail sized napkin, receipt, etc.
 For this larger sized (12 oz) coffee cup mini (cutting and creating instructions are simple, just remove the bottom of the cup by punching it out, and roll out the tops of the cup. I ironed it after unrolling, to smooth it out, and then finished the edges with washi tape), I went with a more vintage, yet quirky look.

 The inside pages are made from scraps I had in my bin, and also coffee bags I had saved, that had fun graphics. All I did was trace the covers of the cup, and cut out. The edges are sewn for stability, and several of them also have washi taped edges.
I thought the cup with the coffee bean farmer on it, and the "made for" speech bubble was so interesting,. and it made for a fun back cover, when set off with a polka dot washi tape. :) 

For the smaller of the two cups (this one was for an affogato, where 2 espresso shots were poured over hand dipped, local ice still my heart) I went with a grungier, artsier look. I misted circles around the cup's tree in the middle, using a handmade stencil, and then placed stamped circles around those. I liked the geometric look it created. The "made with <3 for_______" was on the cup. I thought that was sweet.

 I'm pretty excited to take these to this coffee shop, and show them what one (or two!) of their cups can do! I'm also excited that I didn't have to throw this cup into the trash, but instead it will become a little journal that holds notes about my "me time" in the coffee shop!

Thank you SO much for joining me today, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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Nicole Martel said...

Love it! :) You are so creative!