Thursday, March 15, 2012

Paper Hearts...

Yes, Valentine's Day has passed but love can last the whole year! I created this mini for a private class I taught at an event for a group of sophisticated crafters who love all things elegant yet over the top--the bar was set high so this is the mini I created, full of details, trims, and more.

Really the sky is the limit with the types of items you can create as pages in your books using your Bind-It-All. Now that I have worked "behind the scenes" in the paper crafting industry I know that some of the pre-made albums and books you can purchase pre-bound, off the shelf have been in development for months if not YEARS! Imagine if you could see something hip, cool, and trendy and make a book out of it today, right now, this very moment! Well, that's why I love my Bind-It-All.

In October I attended Jennifer Jensen's class at Spark the Event and she had these square doilies in her class, folded into envelopes. I wanted them badly badly badly so I could make something from them but when I started searching online, the packs I found were just too wildly expensive. Imagine my surprise when I was in the local 99 Cent Only store, you know, the chain store with the purple logos, and there was an entire DISPLAY of square doilies!!!!! I bought them all -- teehee!

Immediately I came home, folded one of the doilies into an envelope, and punched it with my Bind It All. Here is the result:

Now, if I were to take this idea to "market" and have a company make this, you would not see it for a good 6-12 months! I just can't get over how awesome it is to be able to incorporate current trends into my books instantly.
Here are some other things I added to the book:
Coin envelopes always seem to be on clearance somewhere but the color is too yellow for alot of products. A light coating acrylic paint will tone them down before punching with the Bind-It-All.
Shipping tags are another great way to add to interest to your books!

And don't forget paper bags--this striped Valentine sack was a seasonal offering at Target. This is a great way to use up leftover party bags or just add a touch of "cute" to your books. I can guarantee no one else has a book just like mine :)

I hope this post causes you to look at flat items in your life as possible pages in mini books. And that you can have it all RIGHT NOW by using your Bind-It-All to handcraft custom books.

Happy Binding!
Jennifer Priest


Unknown said...

this is so pretty. makes me want to break out the bind it all.

Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

super awesome

voodoo vixen said...

OK... in the morning I am off to the dollar store for square doilies...they are just too cute!!