Sunday, January 15, 2012

Recycle. Reuse. RePurpose.

Office scrap paper
This is what I had at work the other day.  These sheets of paper contain data that I turn into reports.  Once I am done with them, they go into the recycle bin.  I get this much about every four weeks.  During a couple of slow days during the holidays, I chopped a bunch of them into quarters to use as scrap paper at my desk.....but then I thought I would take it a couple steps farther with my Bind-it-All! 
Trimmed into quarters
 First I raided my stash of random Zutter Owire.  I have loads of bits and pieces and different colors that I save for projects such as this!  I also pulled out scrap cardboard that sits in a pile alongside my craft table.  Since the scrap pieces of paper measure 5.5" X 4.25", I used my Zutter Kutter to trim the cardboard to 6" X 4.75".  Along with the bits and pieces of patterned paper and letter stickers I save, plus a bucket of random embellishments, I made a bunch of scrap paper note pads for my office mates.
Scrap cardboard and Owire!
Zutter Kutter does the cardboard trimming!
Scrap paper, stickers and embellishment made up the rest!
Admittedly, these are NOT fancy - they are not meant to be.  They are made with the backsides of old emails and reports with random office information.  The cardboard may be tattered or bent a bit, and the stickers or paper  mis-matched.  I know my office mates with still love 'em and use 'em!  Just remember that with your Bind-it-All you don't have to start with fancy supplies.  Look around at what you have and make something special with it.  Recycling and Reusing is highly recommended! Happy New Year!


crazyaboutcricut said...

I LOVE this idea! I have all those bits, and now have great inspiration on what to do with them. Thank you!!

Unknown said...

adorei a ideia....logo ,logo...estarei fazendo um bloquinho desse para mim....

Scrappymama Elaine said...

Great idea! My kids would love these random notebooks.

Candace said...

They are perfect!! Thanks for shariing!

Beverly's Stamping Beehive said...

Are you kidding - these are great! Love the recycling and they are so cheery looking which would bring a smile to anyone receiving one! Great job.