Monday, July 18, 2011

Zummer Week Winners!

Thank you Zutter Zister fans for spending last week with us celebrating Zutter Zummer! We are definitely doing this again before packing up the beach gear and going back to school!  We had such nice response that we have decided to extend the shopping specials for a bit longer (we heard from those of you on vacation and needing more time!)  Don't let US stop you from getting what you want.  So take advantage of the deals with these coupon codes for a limited time.
 Zutter Kutter - $100 off - now $69.99 - coupon code: Zummer-Kutter100

Bind-it-All - 25% off - now $56.25 - coupon code: Zummer-BIA25

Dreamkuts - 20% off - now $78.40 - coupon code: Zummer-DK20
Spinner Album Kit - 50$ off - now $12.50 - coupon code: Zummer-Spinner50

Distrezz-it-All - 20% off - now $31.99 - coupon code: Zummer-DZ20

Chipboard & Inner Pages - 50% off all chipboard and pages sets - coupon code: Zummer-Chip50  (does not include corrugated board)

Fine Print: Only ONE coupon code can be used per transaction, so if you want multiple deals, you must complete separate transactions. Some other specials may not apply to the Zummer deals, so read up at

Now for the really important stuff....the random winners from each daily drawing.  Congrats to you all - hope you all got some Zummer inspiration.  Please email with your shipping address and item you won.
Happy Zummer crafting!

Day 1 - Distrezz-it-All Winner:
Day 2 - Cover-Alls Pack Winner:
Day 3 - Distrezz-it-All Winner:
Day 4 - Spinner Album Kit Winner:
Day 5 - Chipboard & Inner Pages Winner: 

Congratulations winners! (and thanks to my daughter for helping to organize and pull the was a lot of little bits of paper!)

We do want to have another week of Zutter Zummer...tell us what you want to win next time! Have a great week!


voodoo vixen said...

Brilliant! Lots of happy Zutter fans!!

Candace said...

YAH!! I'm so excited! Thanks soooo much! You just made my day!! :))))

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Who hoo, doing the BIA happy dance!!

Pam said...

Congrats to all the winners! The Distrezz-it-All is on my "gotta get me one" list!