Monday, October 11, 2010

Feeling Fall-ish and Want To Create Something Pretty Darn Quick?

I have been working like a mad woman on wedding projects for my daughter's wedding.  I had some extra bits of fall foilage stuff hanging around, so I decided to do something un-weddingish and make a fall wall hanging for my dining room. 

I grabbed one of the 8 x 10 Canvas Art Boards  (I still have one left since they come in sets of two, how great is that???) and punched 6 holes in the center top using my pink Bind-It-All.  Then I misted and embellished away.  I used the Distrezz-It-All to make quick work of distressing the edges of the kraft cardstock I used.  That Distrezz-It-All is GREAT!  You can distrezz as much or as lightly as you want and it is done in a jiffy.  I used a bit of the Antique Brass Owires  to top off the hanging, and threaded some lovely velvet corduroy ribbon through it.  This whole project took well under 30 minutes.  I love quick projects, especially when I really don't have time to create.  I find it is easier for me to squeeze in a wee bit of creative time when I create fast and fun things.  Since it is wedding central at my house right now, I definitely need fast and fun!  ;)

Here is a bit more of a close up ~

Grab some Canvas Art Board and create your own wall hanging!
Happy creating!  ~ Pam

Zutter Zister DT Member Pam Sandy

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Elaine said...

Love your wall hanging. Great idea to use the wires as the hanger. Hope the wedding goes well!