Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Make It "Yours"!

Not that it wasn't cute enough, but how about making your Bind-It-All even cuter?!

I was recently cutting some vinyl on my electronic diecutting machine and had an idea to cut some items to decorate my Bind-It-All. I cut my name and some little daisies and voila!

I put some daisies on the back and sides. I think I will fill in the rest of this area with some crystals or maybe some more daisies.

This way I know it is "mine". This font is LD New Arrival Bold.

I plan to add some pink and black Swarovski crystals too at some point. And then there is the blue Bind-It-All that needs some decorating love as well!

Now I can make personalized mini books with my personalized Bind-It-All! And I'll never be confused about which one is mine when at crops or classes. Here are some other ideas for decorating your Bind-It-All:
  • Stamp it with Staz-On
  • Apply stickers or other decals
  • Make your own vinyl shapes like I did
  • Crochet or sew a cute cozy for the handle
  • Apply bling to the handle and outer machine
Happy Decorating and Binding!



mjjjjtw said...

I Love the way you put your name on for when you go to crops. I think that it is a really neat idea to be able to put what you want on and show your style. Thanks, Jayne

Benga said...

super cute! tnx for the tip!

Tish Treadaway said...

This is a cute idea, that way people won't get theirs mixed up at a crop!

Jenny Svensson said...

Jennifer, that's so cool! Love it!

Canan said...

What a great tip! Thanks!

Donalda said...

What a great idea dear

ScrapAddict said...

Alright.....now I've gotta do this! Awesome Idea!! T%his is one of those things where ya look at ita nd say...."Why didn't I think of that?"

Scrappy Running Me said...

so, like, totally cool (i am still in 80's mode).

need some bling and glue right now.

Seaexplore said...

LOVE that idea! I'm going to have to copy ya! Thanks for sharing it!

Shar said...

I am so gonna do this!!! What a great idea. LOVE it.