Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Congrats to a "Nany" and a "Rat"

Well, we have really enjoyed reading about all your Halloween costumes! This is indeed an un-BOO-lievable time of year. Some of the costume descriptions had us really scratching our heads. Fruit? Parts of the body? Questionable occupations? We won't mention some of the others (LOL!) But we want to trick or treat with YOU all!

Thanks for participating - this was fun!
We drew spooky number 31 for our random drawing - Congrats to Nany01 - Stephany in France.

And for an appropriately ghoulish costume, we had to say YIKES to Scrappy Rat for her fashionable zombie. She's a bit of a zombie connoisseur ....and covets brains each Halloween. Hope you don't mind seeing your scariness here, Scrappy Rat.

Congrats, ladies, email me your mailing addresses (to - and those Teresa Collins goodies are coming your way! I am dying to hear from you!
Another giveaway is just around the corner!


ScrapAddict said...

Booowaaahaaaahaaaahaaahaaaa! Congrats!!!

nany01 said...

waouuuu i'm very happy...houraaaa!!

thank you

Embley Veronica said...